20 June 2011


by Justine du Monde

Justine did not know when she had fallen asleep, but she did know it was after incredible sex. Sex with Lulu was always incredible. And waking up with Lulu cuddled next to her? That made her smile.

Justine watched Lulu breathe for a few minutes. She smelled of Dior Addict, champagne and afterglow. Justine gently kissed Lulu on the cheek, hearing her moan softly, then crawled out of the huge bed. Walking on stockinged feet as quietly as she could in the dim light, she picked up a glass and filling it with some of the remaining champagne. She didn't know what it was, but it was the best she'd ever had and knowing Lulu, it cost a fortune.

Hotels are sterile places, rarely having personalities of their own. And this suite was no different. Except for it being indecently expensive, and that for this night it was the only place Justine wanted to be. She walked toward the bathroom, stopping in front of the full-length mirror by the door.

Justine smiled and posed in the mirror, watching the reflected woman smile back. She knew how much work had gone into how she looked, and never regretted it. Justine's hair was below her shoulders, reddish auburn. Her breasts were full and firm; she wanted perfect breasts, and she got them. A black satin corset held her firmly, like a great erotic hug. The black garters were attached to sheer stockings.

Justine had lost her bra and panties sometime during the tryst. It wasn't unusual for items of clothing to end up all over the room when she and Lulu were making love. But the corset and stockings stayed on; Lulu thought they were hot, and Justine felt sexy wearing them. And standing there, looking at herself and thinking about it made her feel sexy again.

"Hi, baby," said Lulu as she stood behind Justine. "Can I have a sip of that?" she asked. Justine turned around, placed the glass to Lulu's lips and tilted it so she could have a sip. Justine took a sip herself, then poured the rest of the champagne onto Lulu's chest. Lulu gasped, then laughed as the champagne ran down her naked body. Justine smiled wickedly, put the glass on a nearby counter and licked the wine from between Lulu's voluptuous breasts.

"Bitch," said Lulu, smiling. Lulu crouched slightly, gently biting one of Justine's nipples and pulling back just enough to make her moan. Letting go, Lulu said "Didn't you have enough?"

There are men who would have given anything to have one night with Lulu. The hottest burlesque performer in the world? She was booked for shows a year out. And she enjoyed the perks that came with success and fame. Staying in suites in great hotels, shopping at the most famous stores in the world, being treated like royalty-and having her clients pay for it all.

And when Lulu was in town, she called Justine. They met when another performer gave Justine's corsets a glowing review. She and Lulu had similar tastes in corsets, among other things.

"I never have enough of you, baby" Justine said, leaning forward to kiss Lulu. Lulu smiled and even blushed a little. She ran a finger down Justine's chest, over the corset. She then touched Justine's inner thigh, brushing a hand across her crotch. Justine's cock was soft, like velvet, but it was becoming aroused. Lulu wrapped her hand around it, placing the thumb over the head. She gently stroked Justine's cock, which brought a flush to her.

"Oh, yes baby," Justine moaned. Lulu kissed Justine, their tongues intertwined. They pressed their bodies together, breathing raggedly. Justine leaned back against the wall, holding Lulu as she felt herself coming closer to orgasm. At the last second, Lulu picked up the wine glass and held it over Justine's cock.

Justine's warm, sticky cum flowed into the glass; she was surprised after their lovemaking that anything was left. Lulu made sure she caught every last drop. When she was done, she poured the last of the champagne into the glass, swirling it around and then drinking it, slowly. Lulu didn't rush, and looked like she was drinking the most exquisite thing ever. Licking her lips, she kissed Justine.

"Nice breakfast, lover." Lulu looked at Justine. She was a little shorter than Justine, with skin that nearly glowed, it was so pale. Her platinum blond hair, shoulder-length and even now perfect. "So, I don't need to leave until noon-ish, you staying around?"

Justine shook her head. "I can't; some of us have shops to run and orders that need to be done. Like the new orders some bitch gave me last night." She laughed and gave Lulu a quick kiss. Justine knew what was going to happen next.

"You know, you could come with that bitch on tour and be her personal corsetiere and concubine." Lulu crossed her arms; she was used to getting her way. "And you know I can't, baby," replied Justine. "You'll be so busy, and you already have a concubine."

Justine pointed to the young woman curled up on the bed, naked, sucking her thumb. She was Lulu's latest assistant, a petite blond with a firm body. And an appetite for sex nearly as great as Lulu's. "Peach," replied Lulu, "is not you."

"Her name's not Peach-you call all your assistants 'Peach'." Justine replied. "Why remember a name when she'll be gone by the end of the tour," Lulu replied. It was true-assistants didn't last long, and their tell-all stories in the press just added to her mystique.

Justine unfastened the clips on her garters so she could take her stockings off. She began to reach behind her back to loosen the ties on her corset, but Lulu did it for her. Justine took the corset off, then the stockings. She found her bra and panties, black wisps of silk that she also sold at her shop. Lulu fastened Justine's bra strap, hugging her from the back.

"Don't be cross with me, okay?" asked Lulu. "I'm not," replied Justine. She wasn't. She knew that Lulu did care for her. Maybe she loved her. But she needed to be the star. Justine could get moments of bliss with her, but anything longer, more permanent? That was not going to happen . . .

Lulu put on a bathrobe that was far too big for her-she looked like a child. Justine dressed in a pair of black slacks and top, and slipped into the high heeled pumps she'd worn last night. "I called for the car; whenever you're ready it'll be downstairs." Lulu said.

"You didn't need to do that, but thanks. When are you leaving for Europe?"

Lulu replied, "Tuesday morning. We'll fly into London first. Why not meet me in Paris?"

"Maybe." Justine smiled; a few days in Paris would be nice. She'd have to check her calender. "I should have some things ready for you to try I can bring with me."

"Turn a fun trip into business-spoilsport!" Lulu laughed, then gave her a kiss. Justine kissed her back, sighing. "Call me when you get to New York?"

"Sure, baby," said Lulu.

Justine picked up her purse and bag, and walked to the door with Lulu. They didn't say anything else; this was how they always parted. Justine took the elevator to the lobby, and saw Lulu's driver waiting for her. He took her bag and walked her to the car. Justine took a pair of Prada sunglasses out of her purse and put them on. She smiled to herself-Lulu was always losing them, and they looked better on her than they did on Lulu. Justine got into the car, and rode off into the sunrise.

copyright 2011 Justine du Monde

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