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11 September 2012


You said you wanted someone to talk to you
You asked for me to call you, just so you could listen to a voice, a sound, something
I pressed the button, listening
I smiled to myself
I listened to your breathing
I watched you
and then
I spoke
It was just above a whisper
I wanted to to have to listen to me
I whispered into your mind
Things that i wanted to say
You stopped me suddenly
I was concerned
You said it was
too intense
like my voice was inside your head
And i said
I could not
be ashamed
that i liked it
If I had a wish
it would be that
you were sitting here right now
sitting on my lap
my arms around you
your head against my shoulder
whispering in your ear

07 September 2012


Did you ever start to write something then realize you have no idea what you meant to say?

I started to write, about some things that have come to mind after conversations I have had recently. but they will not form something worth composing.

Thoughts about things that cause you to question what we believe is real and what is fantasy.

I think far more than you might imagine.

Just Be

Just Be (acoustic)--Paloma Faith